We watch Lacy, a teen, wrestle with her MONKEY MIND (Played by characters who sing and dance around her on stage). Life’s troubles drive her to near suicide till she learns to “stay in the now” and control her out of control brain. BECAUSE the interaction of the Monkeys with Lacy is funny, it never gets too serious except for the climax. Thanks to the humor of  lyricist, Bill Berry, and the music by Gerardo Herrera, this lesson of life becomes an uplifting and fun experience.




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There’s a refreshing optimism to this show about anxiety, depression, and fear. The story offers solutions and positive messages rather than dwelling too much on the pain of it’s characters. The acting was fantastic. Darcy Rose Byrnes performance is worth the price of admission. I left the show tearful, excited, and uplifted. Dont miss it!

Monkey Mind is a fresh and thought provoking musical about our racing minds and accepting help when we can’t keep up with ourselves.


I didn’t realize that Monkey Mind was an actual term and it’s exactly what goes on in everyone’s head. The cast all wonderful voices and could carry songs with wide ranges.

I think everything worked quite well given the hardship of a pretty non-existent set that is standard for something like this. They kind of lightly played it off which was cute.

I think Monkey Mind scores big in all areas! The very relevant story by Terri Weiss was very easy to relate too and the cast was extremely talented, The directing and lyrics were a cherry on top. It was all a pure delight. I laughed, I cried and enjoyed every moment. We all have Monkey Minds!

LAURI MAINES#MustSeeMonkeyMind · #Hollywoodfringe

I think the musical is really interesting and different. I found the monkey characters to be a fascinating way of trying to externalize the voices we all have in our heads.

I liked The monkey characters. The relationship between father and daughter. Darcy Rose Byrnes is fantastic.

ERIK BLAIRdiscusses deep topics · Intelligent · Different · musical · interesting

What I liked, The Music, the lyrics and the very uplifting execution.  It worked. It was obvious that a lot of time, thought and rehearsals went into the production.

ARLENE CHERNICKWonderful! Uplifting!

Darcy Rose Byrnes was glowing as Lacy, the protagonist fighting her monkey mind demons. Her voice soared clearly and solidly in all her solos.

I wished for more of Darcy – hoping to hear her sing her final audition at the end of the show.

Monkey Mind is an interesting evening that has aspects reminiscent of H.R. Pufnstuf, Alice in Wonderland, and all the things my Buddhist mother tells me on a daily basis. It gives life to the nightmare of inner voices that attack all of us as we struggle through the process of growing and changing.


The clever interaction of what is going on in real life, versus the thoughts and fears and over-reactions of her monkey-mind were thoroughly entertaining and often surprising. Some big laughs here, especially from the three monkeys in her “mind.” Excellent, catchy and touching songs that seem fully capable of gracing a Broadway stage! Such a positive message for all young girls. A wonderful night at the theater!  It would be helpful if the actors were able to wear microphones or some form of amplification as some lines were difficult to hear and understand.

A thoroughly entertaining exploration of a motherless teen’s quest to convince her shell-shocked-by-life father to support her singing dreams and in so doing the love of Dad-to-daughter reignites in heartfelt ways.

DIANE BURROUGHSFamily Bonding · heartfelt

The cast of “Monkey Mind” is loaded with talent, and that alone is worth the price of admission. Darcy Rose Byrnes is an angelic yet grounded ingenue with killer pipes. Corey Page gave me chills with his warm and melancholy tones. With his impressive belt and boy-next-door good looks, Cameron Gilliam is a pop idol waiting to happen. But my favorite was Karla Kelly, who embodied her free-spirited and maternal character with effortless charm, easy comic timing, and a soaring vocal range that brought me pure joy. And the Monkeys were fantastic fun!

I’d love to see this produced with a big budget!

Wonderfully fun and touching coming of age story with complicated characters, lessons to be learned, and a rocking soundtrack!

JESSICA DURDOCK MORENO rock and roll · millennial · musical · coming of age

Monkey Mind A delightful comic/tragic take on a young singer’s journey from a depressed teen to a gifted singer, all encouraged by her voice teacher.  She tells her to ignore her Monkey Mind of doubt, discouragement and negativity.  Just delightful, outstanding singing too.  This show was written by a renowned Los Angeles voice teacher Terri Weiss.  Her own students cast the show, and from the talent they display, her teaching skills are formidable.  Directed and choreographed by John Coppola (yes, he’s related), this is a bright, diverting, and uplifting gem.


The three monkeys were very clever and great at playing off each other. Very funny. The leading lady has a phenomenal singing voice. The story was heart-warming and uplifting.  I loved it! Fast-paced, great acting, great singing, great story!


I loved the show! The music and lyrics were wonderful. The entire cast was so talented and performed beautifully. The idea of writing a musical comedy successfully dealing with anxiety was both brilliant and Uplifting. Congratulations!


I thought the ensemble worked well together and that the production made very good use of the minimal sets and props of the Fringe stage. I especially liked the guitar song that the performer played and sung onstage live as part of the action. I thought the use of the split-level stage was used with great dramatic effect in a crucial moment in the story. (No spoilers!)

Monkey Mind reminds us to live in the NOW—and what power and happiness and calmness that decision means. Weiss delivers a personal philosophy that has been her mantra in a spirit-driven musical in an imaginative and engaging way. It brought to mind a sort of a modern Alice in Wonderland of the psyche!

GRACE JASMINE imaginative · Positive

The show reminded me of my own insecurities. I was able to recognize the vocal teacher I know 🙂 (hi Terri). Even my daughter found the resemblance with her former vocal teacher. I liked the characterization of parents and how two generations don’t seem to understand each other. I am more mindful now when I speak to my children, or more importantly, when I listen to my children.

Very professional, yet simplified to be viewed by children and has the down to earth feel for it.

ANITA BELOKOPYTOVAhits close to home · simplified · professional

Loved the Story, loved the characters and loved their Voices!  Original and Brilliant!

JEANNE ARDITOoriginal and Fun! · brilliant

The singers were fabulous And the book was so creative. PS. I thought the book was wonderful very creative want the writer to keep Creating


Excellent acting and staging. Great music.

A touching play about a young teenage girl who cannot control her monkey mind and eventually finds her own voice and place in the world. The acting is excellent and the music very contemporary and catchy. This is a spiritually motivating saga for teenagers who are facing the problems of real life experiences and for parents who are struggling to find the right relationship with their young teenagers. The play deals strongly with living in the “NOW” and finding relationships and passion that helps tame the monkey mind and pushes forward to success in life. This is a very uplifting story that takes the audience through the trials and pain of both being a teenager and being a single parent.

LAURENCE GERTZEntertaining and thought provoking.

I like the story, theme, characters, acting, and music. I wasn’t fond of the set and costumes, but it didn’t really bother me….it’s fringe!

Monkey Mind is a delightful yet deeply moving musical that touches its audience’s heart with a simple but poignant message. The story centers around a family struggling with the loss of the mother, lacking the words, time and luxury to heal. Father and daughter, played beautifully by Corey Page (Frank) and Darcy Rose Byrnes (Lacey), are at an impasse in their relationship. Lacey courageously decides to enter a singing contest in an effort to win $100,000 to alleviate her father’s stress, but her inner voices, her Monkey Mind, try to sabotage her at every step. Terri Weiss’ ingenious use of the characters Monkey Positive, Monkey Crazy, Monkey Negative, provides an acutely painful yet utterly relatable portrayal of the destructive and often dangerous nature of our Monkey Minds at work. Hugely talented actress Tori Cott delivers a wonderfully authentic and often very funny performance as Monkey Crazy, with an outstanding commitment to her role. The story climaxes with Lacey’s near suicide and her voice coach, sensitively portrayed by Karla Kelly (Jeanie), talks her down, reminding her of the overarching theme of the play, the rules of life that free us from the grips of the drunk monkey in our heads – live life right here and now, treasure our beloveds, do what we love and believe in ourselves. Terri Weiss has created a beautiful piece of work that is sure to warm the heart of all who have the good fortune to see it. The candor and authenticity of the writing, combined with the play’s gently moving music, the excellent performances of the cast and undeniable truth of its inherent message, provide more than just a fun afternoon at the theater. I left with my heart full of love, a renewed commitment to being present, and a joyful appreciation of my life. I’d say that was pretty good going, wouldn’t you?


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